Woodbridge Fire Starts a New Era

  Thursday evening, January 24th, 2019, the Board of Fire Commissioners of Woodbridge Fire District #1 continued the progress within their department. Under Chief Charles Kenny, with the board's support,  the Woodbridge Fire Department has expanded the officer ranks to include a Deputy Fire Chief. This new position along with the promotions of Battalion Chiefs and Captains continues to advance the department. During the special meeting held at the Woodbridge Fire Department, they also welcomed to the department two new career firefighters in an effort to maintain manpower and staffing levels to enhance resident safety. The members of Local 290 would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Fire Commissioners and Chief Charles Kenny for their continued dedication to the safety and well being of the residents and fire department staff. Congratulations to the following personnel:  

Deputy Chief - John Golden

Battalion Chief - Robert Paul

Battalion Chief - Michael Balog

Battalion Chief - Robert Minkler Jr.

Battalion Chief - Mark Minkler

Captain - Keith Repace

Captain - Joseph Kogut

Captain - Stephen Weber

Captain - David Hines

Captain - Michael Mastanduno

Captain - Chad Carrick

Firefighter - Cory Snyder

Firefighter - Robert Hilliard III